Learning helpful strategies and tips to manage your mental fitness or support you when you’re finding things tough is a great place to start. You can use the ‘Filter by Topic’ button below to select a specific topic you want to focus on, otherwise just scroll down to see the different strategies and tips for all the topics you’ll find on this site. 

Avoid Alcohol & Drugs

Try and steer clear of alcohol and drugs, they can appear to help short-term but in reality they can make you feel much worse. 

Spend Time With Supports

Friends and family are great supports. Talking with them about how you’re feeling and sharing memories can be a great comfort. 

Plan For Triggers

Try putting in plans around triggers like anniversaries. You might plan extra support on those days, stay with a friend or spend the day with family. 

Eat & Drink Regularly

Loss of appetite or over-eating are common after a loss. Try and stick to eating 3 healthy meals a day and keep your fluid intake up. 

Express Your Grief

Try and find ways to express your grief, talk to others about your loved one or the thing you have lost. Writing in a journal can work well for some people.  

Take Some Time Out

Try and take some time out to do something you usually enjoy. Schedule it in as if it were an appointment. 

Listen To How You’re Feeling

Anger, sadness and exhaustion are all normal experiences after a loss. Be kind to yourself and allow time for those emotions to pass.

Seek Help

If you’re worried about how you’re feeling and need more support, seek help. Your GP is a good place to start.