Learning helpful strategies and tips to manage your mental fitness or support you when you’re finding things tough is a great place to start. You can use the ‘Filter by Topic’ button below to select a specific topic you want to focus on, otherwise just scroll down to see the different strategies and tips for all the topics you’ll find on this site. 

Get Enough Sleep

Good sleep is one of our basic needs for health and wellbeing. Not getting enough sleep (7-9 hours is normal for most people) can have a big impact on how we feel. 

Ask For Help

There are so many benefits to asking for help and there are plenty of people out there who can support you. Talk to your GP or someone you trust about finding the right person for you. Click here to see a list of supports.

Fuel Your Body with Good Food

Our brain, just like our body, relies on the food we eat to function. Eating a balanced diet gives us the ability to concentrate and the energy to cope with the challenges we face.

Get Outside and Move

Research shows there’s a strong link between exercise and feeling good. Getting outside doesn’t have to be limited to training. Try going for a walk, mowing the lawns or throwing a frisbee round with some mates.

Take Time Out

It can be tough to deal with everyday situations when you’re feeling down. Try removing some of the pressure by scheduling time to relax each day, give meditation a go or book yourself a holiday.

Connect With Others

Supportive, strong relationships with others can be a great source of strength when things are tough. Arrange to catch-up with friends or family or help out in your local community.