Learning helpful strategies and tips to manage your mental fitness or support you when you’re finding things tough is a great place to start. You can use the ‘Filter by Topic’ button below to select a specific topic you want to focus on, otherwise just scroll down to see the different strategies and tips for all the topics you’ll find on this site. 

Talk To People You Trust

Sharing what’s going on in your life, good and bad, with people you trust is a great way to strengthen your support network and get things of your chest when you need.

Practice Gratitude

Take time to notice the things you are grateful for. Doing this daily can help train our brains to make focusing on the positive a habit. 

Whanaungatanga (Connect)

Spending time connecting with whānau, friends and team mates helps build our sense of belonging and makes it easier to reach out when we need support. 

Take Time Out

Having time to rest is important. Block out time in advance that is ‘protected time’ for you to spend doing something you enjoy to re-energise. 

Be In The Moment

Mindfulness is a great way to give your mind a rest. Focusing on your breath is a useful tool to bring your attention back to the present.

Tukua (Give)

Doing something nice for someone else is great for our mental wellbeing. That could be volunteering your time or your presence. 

Me kori tonu (Be active)

Fuel your body with the best hydration and food, fresh is best. Try and limit sugary foods and drink where possible.