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Avoid Coffee, Alcohol & Nicotine

These three are known to disrupt sleep, make you feel more anxious and for some people increase their heart rate and blood pressure. If you’re already feeling stressed or know you are affected by these things then taking a break from them is a good move.

Manage Your Time

Getting caught with too many jobs to do and not enough time can be very stressful. Try focusing on one job at a time. Manage your week by using a calendar or diary and prioritise the things that are most important.

Ask For Help

Stress is a common experience for a lot of people. If you don’t feel like you can cope with your stress on your own, or you feel like some support would be helpful, ask someone you trust.

Slow It Down

Although it can sometimes seem impossible to control the way you’re feeling, there are some strategies you can use to calm your body’s response to stress. Yoga, deep breathing exercises, visualization and meditation are all great ways to slow things down and reduce feelings of stress.

Keep An Eye On Your Stress Levels

Often we can feel ourselves starting to get run down, irritable and tired. If you feel yourself getting increasingly stressed, do something about it. This could mean taking a day off to rest, talking to a friend or booking in a massage or something you enjoy.

Know Your Triggers

The reasons why you feel stressed can be very different to your mates’. It might be speaking in public situations, stressing about fitness testing or worrying about your performances on the field. Knowing what makes you feel stressed can help you target where you need support.

Relax Your Muscles

This technique can really help if you’re feeling tense. Find yourself a quiet space to sit and slowly tense and relax each body part, starting with your hands, forearms, neck, jaw, shoulders, all the way down to your feet.

Get Outside Into Nature

Getting outside and enjoying nature can be calming and give you a break from worry and tension. Try going for a walk, sitting in the sunshine or listening to music and take a break from your work or training.